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Lean Startup isn't about being cheap [but is about] being less wasteful and still doing things that are big.

Eric Ries
We believe that the formula for great products and users delight lies in smart valuable experiments. Collecting precious insights and creating feedback loops creates a connection between the product and its users. It helps companies build the right things, bring a smile to their customers and keep their team motivated.
Our culture and inspiration come from the fashion world. Years spent decoding trends and analysing streams in this ever changing environment taught us a lot about client behaviours, loyalty and relationship to brands and products. We rely on this knowledge to provide organizations with the product culture and the approach they deserve to achieve their goal.


Innovation is a bottoms-up, decentralized, and unpredictable thing, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be managed.

Lean Startup isn’t restricted to seeding ventures. Even big companies can benefit from feedback loops and validated learning to improve their ability to adapt and innovate. Building a successful product may implies skills and talent, but above this, it requires the right approach and the ability to gather evidences to make the right decisions.
We are convinced that the only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else. You may already know what your customers say or assume what they should need. We’re here to help you learn what they really want! We will work together to create the right environment that will help you collect feedbacks from your clients and ensure the success of your products.

Your customers are the judge, jury, and executioner of your value proposition. They will be merciless if you don’t find fit!

A business model is a system where one element influences the other. It makes sense as a whole. By visually depicting a business model, one turns its tacit assumptions into explicit information. This makes the model tangible and allows for clearer discussions and changes. Visual techniques give life to a concept and facilitate co-creation.
Designing highly flexible business models that can suit high uncertainty environment can be a true challenge. We will provide you with the tools and the means to build adaptable value propositions. We will help you set up a context that welcomes new hypotheses. Our goal is to ensure flawless pivots and evidence based decisions for your team.

Teams Should Go So Fast They Almost Spin Out of Control.

Getting good results with Agile is actually relatively easy: form a cross-functional team, prioritize backlog items, create a shippable product each iteration. Follow the process and your team is likely to deliver value.
Getting truly great results, especially consistently, however, is a bit rarer. Great results require a great team. And great teams rarely just happen. A team, that's new to Agile and aspiring toward greatness, may need a trained, experienced coach.
We aim to foster your teams in understanding and adopting an agile culture to create products that make them proud. We will help your organization reap the powerful benefits of people that deliver both innovation and excellence. Beyond cooperation, we’ll bring full collaboration. If you want to guide your team to extraordinary performance in a re-energized work environment, we are ready to work with you!

Innovation Games let customers engage other centers of their brain, resulting in richer, deeper, and more meaningful exchanges of information.

The toughest part of innovation is accurately predicting what customers want, need or will pay for. Unfortunately, typical brainstorming sessions, surveys or focus groups just don’t produce actionable results. Gamestorming sessions with your clients enables you to tap into your customers’ needs and desires through the magic of game play.
Bootstrapping a new idea or product can be a long and sometimes painful process. For a serious game to be effective, it has to be fun and appealing. We can help you build a clear and crisp vision statement, define interactions, refine your roadmap and find innovation drivers with efficient, collaborative workshops.

Mobile phones are misnamed. They should be called gateways to human knowledge.

With more than 1 billion smartphone users worldwide, mobile technologies are at the core of digital strategy of many major companies. Innovation in this area is growing dramatically fast! With the emergence of many new connected devices it has become very difficult to spot upcoming trends and uses around this environment.
We draw upon many years of expertise and experience in the mobile world to provide you with leading and advanced but sustainable technologies that will give your products a true competitive edge. We will support you in adjusting your strategy, building jaw dropping products that will put smile on the face of your clients.


Our success lies in anticipating and exceeding our customers' expectations. But can we really measure success?
We believe that the smile on the face of your team every morning and the captivated eyes of your clients when they use your product are great and simple ways to do so…
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Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

Sometimes great ideas just need a little help to surface. We are here to inspire you, foster your creativity and find the path to excellence.

We’re Passionate

We deeply believe that it’s possible to change the way we work, the relationship between users and products. It’s not just a job but a deep-seated conviction.

We have Magic

Finding the way from a good idea to an outstanding product not only require strong skills but also some sparkles. Let us be your catalyst for success!

We love Minimalism

Overwhelming processes and tedious theory aren’t part of our DNA. We favour light and flexible environments that let us focus on people interaction.

We’re Responsible

We love happiness and fun at work. But most of all we love our work and take it seriously because our work is your business. Our commitment is your success.

We're Friendly

Behind every successful product is a team of talented people working together. Being truthful and friendly helps us catalyse communication.

What people say?

Collaborating with OeLean was from far our best work experience. Refreshing & dynamic! We truly hope for a long successful partnership!

Bertrand Dour, Agile Genius LTD.


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